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Christopher Watson Dance Company


In 1995 shortly after relocating from Portland to Minneapolis, Ray began teaching movement fundamentals, modern dance technique and performance classes at the Christopher Watson Dance Studio. Shortly afterward, Christopher asked him to also serve on his Board of Directors and has for over 20 hears. Additionally, he danced with the Company for five seasons. During that time, Ray established the Ray Terrill Dance Group.


Christopher Watson’s choreography has been variously described as buoyant, lyrical and dramatic. “The foundation of his work is what might be termed ‘classical modern dance’ in the tradition of Merce Cunningham, Paul Taylor and Jose Limon. Working collaboratively with the dancers, he deconstructs the form, adding idiosynchratic nuances that are often the result of improvisation. This way his work remains alive and deeply personal.”


Christopher’s work has been supported by grants from the Michigan Council for the Arts, the New York Program of the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, the Jerome Foundation through the SpaceSpace Co-Project, the Linden Hills UCC Fund, the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, the Lyndale Neighborhood Association, the Minneapolis Arts Commission, an appropriation by the Minnesota Legislature, as well as funding from the St. Paul Companies, the Minnesota Dance Alliance, Mervyn’s, the McKnight Foundation and numerous individual contributions. In 1997 he received a 3M Award for Innovation in the Arts.

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