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Repertory Dancers Northwest

Repertory Dancers Northwest

Phyllis Legters established Repertory Dancers Northwest in the summer of 1978 under the sponsorship of Pacific Dance Center for which she was owner and artistic director. She drew upon the local Seattle dance talent available to her at the Center and through auditions to form the original company. By Fall of that year, she prepared a repertoire of dance works and began presenting the company in both informal and formal concert settings. Phyllis was a faculty member of Seattle University and led its dance major program. Her position there offered her access to the University's performing arts center as an ongoing performance venue.


The original company members included Marta Bennett, Cynthia Lee Brooks, Allen Cox, Patricia Mowry, Alan Pietsch, Kathyn Ramos, Dean Spears and Ray joined as apprentice. This marks Ray's official start as a professional dancer. The company was supported by corporate, foundation and regional arts funding organizations. The company's technical foundation, Martha Graham.


Phyllis' artistic objective was to establish a repertory company to showcase and present the works of contemporary choreographers residing in the Pacific Northwest. The company also performed works by nationally known choreographers such as Ethel Butler, Steven Heck, and James DeBolt.

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