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The following dances comprise our repertoire. (Under Construction)

Interplay | still and moving

Emotion and memory traversing the razor’s edge of movement, stillness ... music and silence.



Music: Suzanne Vega

Performers: Rachel Barnes, Katie Cook, Ann Jacobson, Jennifer Mack, Paulette Mattson, Ann Jacobson

Premiere Date: October, 2008

Costumes: Ray Terrill

Photo Credit: Dave Trayers





Untitled: Number 1, 2012

Drawing inspiration from expressionist painter Mark Rothko, this work explores the space of where we begin and end, teasing out the poignancy of our comings and goings.


Music: Ernst Reijseger

Performers: Jim Lieberthal, Paulette Mattson, Christina Plichta

Premiere Date: August 2012

Videoscape: Ray Terrill

Costumes: Ray Terrill

Photo Credit: Ray Terrill


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